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    Please refer to this section for a more detailed look at the functionality of each product. 

    For Materrnity Saris & Blouses, you can take a closer look at the types of belly panels featured in our products. We also offer a stretchable Full-length Maternity Sari Blouse that included ruched detail at the side seams for a more flattering fit. 



    Janam's Nursing Apparel options are ever-expanding and we can't wait to show what we have in store for you! We are currently retailing three blouse styles, including the Halter-Style Nursing Blouse, the Choli Style Pull-Up Nursing Blouse, and the Choli Style Snap Up Nursing Blouse. 



    Finally, our Two-Step Sari* is a lifesaver for moms with kiddos (or anyone, really). The saris can be worn in Nivi-style and Gujarati style (and many other drapes). The pleats are pre-formed and stitched into the waistband, which also provides the petticoat stitched into the waistband. Did we mention the waistband also has hidden elastic panels to allow your waist to breathe when you sit down, rather than get squeezed and pinched by a tight petticoat. 


    If you like what you see, take a look at our SHOP to see the styles that are available for sale. If you like the function you see, but want a customized product, we are happy to work with you to customize. Just contact us at info@janammaternity.com for more information.


    *Patent pending.